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Nassau Through A Rustic Lens

During my second visit to Nassau I took a walk around the area just outside of the downtown core. It was surely scenic and in some ways eventful as the Prime Minister and his police motorcade sped by as I was snapping some photos on the street.

I focused on the rustic elements in this small section of the beautiful island.

My Rustic-Focused Tour of Downtown Nassau

Make no mistake, Nassau is an absolutely beautiful island with lovely people, but there is still some room for development (it seems) on the East side of downtown.

I really had no idea where I was in these early days of visiting the New Providence Island, but it was fun venturing.

Here is where it got even more exciting – as the Prime Minister’s motorcade went speeding by. A nice welcome for me… 🙂

And I’ll complete this post with two photos that really seem like a different place…. it doesn’t look/feel like “Nassau” as I have come to know it – but this is a diverse Island loaded with greatness and potential.

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