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The Joy in Kensington

Today’s street photography walk was spontaneous, as usual.

I was accompanied by Elinore – a young photographer that approached me with a desire to become a photographer and began interning 3 months before she even had a camera! Elinore has been consistent and very reliable – attending a number of shoots and events/weddings.

Today however, the focus was on free-style photography in the streets of Toronto – and I wanted to test out a new portable flash system 🙂

When we made it to Kensington it wasn’t long before we came upon an open pop-up shop which a room full of dynamic businesses and people.

After leaving this cool scene I came across some interesting people that were willing to pose for quick portraits!

Fun scenes.

“urban” textures of the ghetto-gentile

I enjoyed playing with some architectural shots on the way down to Queen Street West – one of my favourite locations to shoot in the summer. However, the area is swarming with large groups with cameras these days – notably in Grafitti Alley of course.

The journey continued and I decided to test out a new portable (mini) flash unit. It is the Godox 350s – I picked one up to cover a Manyatta Networking event (along with the new Sony 24-105 which is backorder, but happened to be in the store when I randomly called before the event began) and it worked wonders. So for today, I picked up a second one from a Kijiji seller so that I could test the off-camera flash options (especially with High Speed Sync).

Things worked out nicely :)]

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