Welcome to my personal blog of Art, Life and Legacy. I am C.J, a media artist and director of KIROS Images. Here you will see not only my products, but also witness my processes.

Black Cotton

“God come save the misbegottenLost ghetto souls of Black Cotton (In God’s eyes)” - Tupac Amaru Shakur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjer-y7Rik4 I’m thinking of “ghetto” here as not just a place, or a dehumanizing way to refer to economically poorer people… but “ghetto souls” being the children of the disrupted...

A Black Man’s Response to “Dear white people”

SPOILER ALERT: I talk about the ending and such. This film is a mockery. I call it Media “Beneviolence” when there is a film that is suppose to be “beneficial” (insightful/entertaining) but in reality reinforces “violent” notions (ideologies) and misrepresentations. I expect that there will be...

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