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As usual, the inspiration for this photoshoot came at the last minute! While I was in St. Kitts this fall, I reached out to see if anyone would be interested in a creative collaboration and thanks to entrepreneur, Winnielle Pereira, I was (virtually) introduced to dance choreographer Carèsse Hanley and her team! We didn’t have much time to work with before their dance class began (the only time available to squeeze in a shoot), but with the little time we did have at the Shadwell Great House we produced some great work. To me, the Afrocentric fashion and movement in front of the old colonial building speaks of love’s perseverance, resilient being and eternal energy.

The Dance Team
CHOREOGRAPHER: Carèsse Hanley is a Dancer, Choreographer and Creative Director. With training from the Broadway Dance Centre NYC, Carèsse has been a member of dance companies in St. Kitts and Jamaica and is the founder of @DanceConnectSKN. As a dance professional, Carèsse has choreographed for a number of local artists and commercials and has choreographed for St. Kitts CPL Cheerleaders.

DANCER: Cornella Daniel started her journey as an African/Afro Caribbean dancer with Okolo Tegremantine. She has been a CPL cheerleader and Carib Girl, a background dancer (featured with Soca artists Mr. Bagnall and Rucas H.E.) and is an active member of Fusion Dance.

DANCER: Zen Romney is a talented dancer and costume designer (whose pieces are featured in this photoshoot). He is also a background dancer and has collaborated with a number of Soca artists. Zen is a dynamic member of Fusion Dance.

Thank you Winnielle!
I am so thankful to Winnielle Pereira for helping me to reach out to great talent in St. Kitts! We had connected online sometime ago because she is a dynamic entrepreneur, community animator and talent (be sure to visit her social enterprise Girls Illuminated St. Kitts. and her company Pure Niceness. I initially reached out to Winnielle to discuss potential work on a marketing campaign for her natural health products and funny enough I randomly came across her shop while I was walking through downtown St. Kitts with my dad – that was the first time we met. Winnielle went above and beyond to recommend me to her colleagues and because of that I was able to produce some creative work while visiting my father’s homeland.

The LocationShadwell Great House serves the community as an Art and Wellness Centre, in juxtaposition to its colonial history as an English governor’s house. The creative energy and entrepreneurship contained within this space was welcoming and inspiring and the iced tea was on point! For more information, visit shadwellgreathouse.com

When I saw this jeep, I knew I had to return. To see how that shoot turned out, click here.

Choreographer: Carèsse Hanley | Dancers: Cornella Daniel & Zen Romney | Assistant: Shekira (an excellent up and coming photographer in St. Kitts) | Location: Shadwell Great House (St. Kitts)

The BTS photos here were all shot on my phone.

Watch the trailer for the PRO-CLAIM photoshoot.