Welcome to my personal blog of Art, Life and Legacy. I am C.J, a media artist and director of KIROS Images. Here you will see not only my products, but also witness my processes.

Black Cotton

God come save the misbegotten
Lost ghetto souls of Black Cotton (In God’s eyes)
” – Tupac Amaru Shakur


I’m thinking of “ghetto” here as not just a place, or a dehumanizing way to refer to economically poorer people… but “ghetto souls” being the children of the disrupted and displaced Black diaspora who are sarcred to the Most High.

Black Cotton, Black Gold, Black Oil… the rich beauty and wealth of the earth… commercialized and degraded… but ever valuable in God’s eyes. Black Peoples and Families… many objectified and exploited (misbegotten) by this society… but God has not forgotten his first begotten.

Cover photo credit: unknown (with editing)

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